Name: Cooper House Solar Farm

Country: England

County: Lancashire

Location: Freckleton

Installed capacity: 5 MW

Land area: 29.5 Acres (11.9 Ha)

CO2 saving per annum: Up to 1,849 tonnes

Although Lancashire lies in the northwest of England it is still blessed with a good amount of annual solar irradiation, the flat terrain of this site made it potentially suitable for a solar farm.


Suncredit’s grid technicians quickly established with the local network provider that the point of connection was actually on the site itself. The savings this created helped our financial modellers confirm the site as commercially viable. 


Cooper House solar farm lies within land designated as Green Belt.  Green Belt restricts many types of proposed developments in particular housing developments. Our planning team worked tirelessly with the local planning department to ensure that a suitable and sensitive planning application was submitted.  Suncredit were therefore delighted to receive unanimous planning committee approval in August 2015.


Construction of the solar farm was also a challenge due to one of the wettest winters on record making for some very muddy and difficult conditions. Our EPC management and construction crew worked relentlessly to deliver the project on time and on budget.


G59 testing has safely and successfully been carried out, the solar farm is now energized and producing clean energy for the community and country alike.

Cooper House Solar Farm