Name: Trecastle Solar Farm

Country: Wales

Council: Rhondda Cyon Taf

Location: Llanharry

Installed capacity: 5 MW

Land area: 30.5 Acres (12.3 Ha)

CO2 saving per annum: Up to 1,967 tonnes

A very interesting site with many technical and practical issues to be solved. Set over three fields which are mostly bordered by mature forestry it was a challenge to get a workable panel layout design with regard to partial shading effects at certain times of the day. This was coupled by Suncredit’s wish always to be sympathetic to the local surroundings and residents themselves.


Our project managers met several times with local councillors and residents to discuss plans and made a number of major changes to the layout as a result of that consultation process, not least redesigning the entire layout with just three instead of the originally planned four field layout. Our technical design team worked hard to produce a workable end result.


The general area suffered from a long standing drainage flooding problem at certain times of the year, leading to road flooding which was a safety hazard to the local population and road users in general. Suncredit engineers designed a solution to this which met with local and in turn planning approval. The drainage was installed as part of the solar farm’s construction process and at no cost to the local community or council. Suncredit were delighted to work with the local councillors and agreed to provide a community benefit fund of $80,000 which will provide support for good causes, such as education, sports and community welfare.

Trecastle Solar Farm