Dominic Hicks    |    Managing Director

Dominic has a background in property, in both residential and commercial sales and development, in the UK and emerging markets. He owned and managed a portfolio of property in central London and developed property in new and emerging markets. He has raised in excess of $70 million of equity funding.


His interest in the renewables sector began in 2008 when he began fund raising and developing for clean and renewable energy projects. In 2011 Dominic set up a company which provided energy saving services to the UK’s top companies which he sold his interest in to focus on what he saw as the huge and growing market in solar energy, and joined Suncredit in 2013.


With Suncredit’s push in to new and emerging markets, Dominic has used his experience in these environments to forge new and valuable relationships for Suncredit.


Dominic also has a strong interest in nature conservation and is a Trustee of a Trust that manages three nature reserves in southern England.