The UK Government's net zero emissions target

24 Jun 2019

Suncredit Energy are excited to see that the Committee on Climate Change’s report on achieving net zero by 2050 has been heeded by the Government. By enshrining in law the UK’s net contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 is another G7 first. The statutory instrument laid before Parliament will amend the Climate Change Act, another historic piece of primary legislation, and keep the UK at the forefront of the global climate challenge.


To meet this target, Suncredit Energy estimates that the UK will need to quadruple the deployment of low-carbon electricity generation, equal to approximately 9-12GW of new build low-carbon generation per year. Suncredit Energy is proud to have been part of the UK’s renewable energy drive since the Climate Change Act came into force, and is looking forward to this new chapter in decarbonising the UK’s economy. 


Read the full report here: 




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