Gas Peakers recognised as vital to keeping the lights on

17 May 2019


Dominic Hicks, MD of Suncredit Energy, recently reviewed Smartest Energy’s Energy Entrepreneur’s 2019 report:


“Great to see Suncredit Energy and flexible generation recognised in Smartest Energy’s Energy Entrepeneurs 2019 report recently.  Flexible generation is attributed in the report as a key factor in the increased deployment of renewables, and helping to balance the grid.  The report goes on to say “that while battery storage is perhaps the most obvious form of diversification for independent generators, investing in gas peakers and other forms of flexible generation has been one of the key trends for energy entrepreneurs during the past year. Flexible generation not only creates new revenue streams, but also opens the door to further deployment of renewables by helping to balance the grid.”



The report suggests that this next period is going to be a very important one for Suncredit Energy with no slowing up of this trend - “The next phase for the sector promises to be just as dynamic and fast-moving as its initial development. The emergence of an increasingly flexible energy system will enable greater deployment of renewables, meaning that innovative and agile energy entrepreneurs, able to respond to this changing landscape, are well-placed to thrive by taking advantage of immediate opportunities, and driving the decarbonisation of the UK energy system moving forwards.”


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