The Energy Revolution

11 Apr 2019




In our Suncredit Energy Peakers go Nuclear! article at the end of January we looked at the future limited availability of baseload power capacity in the UK. The closure of coal power stations by 2022, along with the closure of all but one operational nuclear power stations, and only one new nuclear power plants (Hinkley 3.2 GW) due to be commissioned by 2030 – leaves a titanic hole in UK’s energy baseload to keep the lights on.


Energy security is of paramount importance to the UK Government and our economy; however, the solution also needs to meet the UK’s legally binding commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.


According to a report commissioned by the UK Government to help meet the 80% carbon emissions reduction while maintaining sufficient baseload security, a high renewable penetration approaching 60% (some 100 GW) of total UK energy generation is predicted - a mixture of wind, solar and hydro.


In such a high renewable scenario, the same study found that it would take only a relatively small amount (20 GW) of baseload power from already planned nuclear, and thermal generation, along with a mix (37 GW) of gas peakers, battery storage and Demand Side Response, to balance the system and be able to respond to stress events.


Aurora Energy Research corroborate the view of an energy mix by 2030 predicted to be high renewable environment supported by gas peakers and battery storage stating “the power market in Britain is undergoing a fundamental transition towards flexible and distributed generation – including batteries, ‘peakers’ and demand side response.”


Having just completed its 5-year business plan review to develop and build over 1.2 GW’s of gas peaking plants, grid connected storage, solar, and solar + storage, Suncredit Energy believes it is well placed to take advantage of the opportunity the energy revolution is presenting and is aligned with the UK government’s long-term energy policy.


The low carbon solution To Keep The Lights On – see how it works (courtesy of Downing)


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