Suncredit Energy charges its batteries!

8 Jan 2019



The coming year is an exciting one for Suncredit Energy! For the past 3 years we have been broadening our areas of development – having successfully developed 10 solar farms, to having our first reserve power plant in operation and under management in 2018, with others under construction, and a healthy pipeline of over 400 MW of power generation projects coming on line. 

In addition, we are seeing solar PV coming back as a viable asset to develop in the UK, as well as projects which involves batteries for storage; 2019 will see the first of many developments that includes batteries as part of the power generation solution.

On the international front, 2019 will see the first of many commercial solar PV roof top developments by Suntrac Energy in Bangladesh, a joint venture with Suncredit Energy and Bangla Trac Ltd, the largest provider of power generation solutions in the country.

“We continue to invest in people and time in an attempt to remain a flexible developer that can adapt to the many twists and turns in what is a very dynamic industry” said Dominic Hicks, MD. “A well-earned break between Christmas and the New Year for team Suncredit Energy has hopefully charged our own batteries, with full power at the ready for 2019”!

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