Suncredit’s 100% planning success rate continues

7 Jun 2018

Suncredit Energy is delighted with the Inspectors’ decision to allow the appeal for its 20MW gas to power project and co-located battery storage near Blackpool, Lancashire. The Inspector agreed with the need for the development and that, on balance, the siting and design of the project were appropriate.


During project development, Suncredit recognised the need for particularly sensitive design in this location, including flood risk, landscape and visual impact mitigation and worked closely with the Local Planning Authority to ensure high quality design. The Inspectors’ decision continues to promote the decarbanisation and decentralisation of the UK energy mix, and helps ensure that electrical grid systems remained balanced at times of stress.


The decision increases Suncredit’s Power Balancing portfolio to 72MW, with all projects expected to reach commercial operation in 2018/19.


This maintains Suncredit’s 100% planning success rate for both UK solar and gas to power projects!




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