Planning consent granted for Southbrook Solar Farm

5 Dec 2015

Planning consent for the 5MW Southbrook Solar Farm in south east Wales was granted by Monmouthshire County Council on 3rd December 2015. The consented solar farm will generate enough electricity to meet the equivalent needs of approximately 1,500 local households, every year, for the next 25 years.


Construction of the solar farm will commence in early 2016 and is planned to be connected to the local electricity grid, exporting clean, renewable electricity by March 31st 2016.  

Community Benefit Fund

Following receipt of planning consent from Monmouthshire County Council in December last year, Suncredit UK is finalising its plans for the Community Benefit Fund. The Fund will be £50,000 (based on a connection under 1.3 RoC) and will be made available to local community groups for them to manage and administer for the benefit of the local community. The Fund will be made available following energisation and commencement of electricity export.

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