Court Colman solar farm update

9 Dec 2015

Suncredit is pleased to announce that the 15MW Court Colman solar farm has been developed and was connected to the grid on the 12th of November 2015. The solar farm covers 32 hectares of land and will be capable of providing the equivalent average household electricity demands of approximately 4,860 local homes, offset carbon dioxide emissions and reduce Welsh dependence on imported electricity [based on the estimated annual generation of the solar farm and Ofgem’s average annual household consumption figure of 3,100kWh ]

The solar farm is screened by existing hedgerows and the gaps are filled with a native hedgerow mix which will improve their structure within the site’s hedgerow network. Additionally, existing trees on site will be used for screening purposes. The trees and woodland will be maintained in line with arboricultural and forestry management practices to maximise their longevity, screening, and ecological benefits.

To increase the biodiversity in the area, the grassland between the security fence and the field boundaries have been seeded with a wild flower mix. During the operational life time of the solar farm a management scheme has been implemented to ensure that the wild flowers become successfully established, which should result in long lasting bio-diversity improvements.

Court Colman solar farm will also have educational and community benefits. The site has interpretation boards that explain the benefits of renewable energy and how solar panels work. The space will allow local families to learn about the levels of electricity generated from the solar park and the amount of Carbon Dioxide saved. This will create a better understanding of the benefits that solar farms bring to the economy and environment. The scheme includes an on-site drainage strategy to improve offsite localised flooding issues.

We welcome feedback and comments about any aspect of the project. Please email us at or call 0207 060 5225 for more information.

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