Supporting UK electricity networks

Supporting UK clean energy

Power Balancing is used by National Grid to provide ‘back-up’ power to the growing renewable energy sector, supporting Solar and Wind energy when the resources are low and the demand for power is high. 


The decarbonisation of the UK's electricity supply puts more demand on renewable energy and Power Balancing is an effective method of providing the grid with an operational reserve of power, helping keep the lights on!

Battery Storage

Power balancing uses batteries to store and distribute power quickly and efficiently when called upon.

Syncronised Generation

Turbine engines convert gas into electricity, providing quick and reliable power, turned on at the request of National Grid.

Grid Support

Once built Suncredit own and operate Power Balancing sites, generating electricity at times of high demand.

Power Balancing for a smarter power grid

As the proportion of renewable energy rises, smart management of supply and demand becomes increasingly important. Suncredit’s Power Balancing services are an effective way of helping to ensure security of supply for the future.



for Power Balancing

Suncredit Solutions Limited are looking to buy or lease land to develop Power Balancing projects across the UK.

The various technologies we use can be sited on land as little as 1/4 acre.  Typically made up of shipping containers a Power Balancing site will generate varying amounts of power dictated by the power grid availability and land conditions. 

If you would like to find out more about Power Balancing, the rental costs, the technologies and what we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team!

Alternatively, frequently asked questions can be found in our Power Balancing brochure.