Suncredit have provided US$ 800,000 for local community support through its solar developments over the last two years. From the very earliest stages of any proposed new project development Suncredit seek to involve the local community and community groups. Typically a new consortium of community groups often including local government is created and comes together to receive and manage the benefit fund. Their local knowledge is also often invaluable to the project itself and has on a number occasions helped the project team avoid otherwise unknown problems.


Suncredit believe that it is the local community that are best placed to decide what any funds should be spent on and place few limitations. For example, in the United Kingdom our general criteria to access the funds allocated for a particular project is, initiatives by individuals or groups that promote the economic and social well-being of the local residents, which specifically promote education, recreation, sport, culture and the environment.


Any funds to be provided are typically made after completion of the given project.

Recently a fund has allowed school children to receive new computers:

Fifty free laptops have been given to Bridgend school pupils

Let everyone benefit

Financial support

Suncredit prides itself on its corporate and social responsibilities and provides:


  • Local community benefit funding to meet the needs of the local communities

  • Funding for regional projects via charities and NGO’s