• Extensive resource for debt and equity

  • Bespoke project finance

  • Ability to target the universe of the financing options

  • Extensive knowledge of various financing structures and trends

  • Active management of financing process

  • Delivering confidence to Project timelines


In today’s modern world the requirement for a reliable source of electrical power has become as fundamental a human need as water and the air we breathe.

So electricity tariffs must be competitive and most importantly affordable for all segments of society. Project Financing is a very important aspect of any new power plant development and directly affects the ultimate cost of the electricity produced. Up to 80% of the cost is typically financed through long term debt which, by definition, is a much cheaper source of funding than equity.

However, obtaining long-term and limited-recourse debt financing for green-field projects is a complex process requiring development of a comprehensive project structure that allocates various project risks – technical, insurance, legal and financial - amongst the various stakeholders in a manner that would be acceptable to future lenders.

Suncredit have strong in-house Project Finance expertise, enabling our Projects to target the entire universe of Project Financing options for both debt and equity funding. Our diverse geographical interests across Europe, Middle East and Africa mean that our Group enjoys financial sector relationships across markets.

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