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  • 13% of the world’s population, but only 4% of its energy demand 

  • Since 2000 energy use has risen by 45%

  • Only 290 million out of 915 million people have access
    to electricity


  • 80% rely on traditional use of solid biomass, mainly fuelwood, for cooking

  • Modern renewables account for less than 2% of the energy mix


Africa is extraordinarily rich in natural resources, including an abundance of sunshine. This has been the case for many millennia, but what has changed recently is the ability to fund renewable energy projects in this region. A combination of factors means that it is now possible, in many instances, to raise funds at a sustainable cost for large power generation projects.


Many countries in this continent are heavily dependent on hydroelectric power which, with some of the recent lowest annual rainfalls for years, leads to an energy crisis. Suncredit are working with a number of governments to use solar PV to provide much needed electricity to some of these countries.